One hundred FIFTY years of Barolo

One hundred fifty years of Barolo

A limited harvest. Wine of great structure and balance with intense perfumes and pronounced flavor. A wine for long ageing.
1862 GOOD 
A full-bodied wine with pronounced tannins and acidity. Aromas are fairly intense and complex.
Meagre harvest due to severe spring frosts. The grapes that were harvested, however, were very healthy and mature, creating wines of good structure and pedigree.
1867 GOOD  
Normal level of production with healthy, mature grapes. The resulting wines are medium-bodied, robust and harmonious. Some retained a touch of sweetness.
An extremely well-structured wine with remarkable perfumes that are both very intense and very appealing. A wine for long cellaring..
1869 GOOD 
A wine which seems weak at first but reveals a ray of ample, pleasant aromas. The palate sensations are at once delicate and decisive. For these reasons, this wine could be considered one for easy drinking.
1870 GOOD   
Somewhat lacking in structure but nonetheless very pleasant to drink. Firm, supple tannins guarantee a moderate capacity for ageing.
1873 GREAT   
A wine of great structure and vigor. Extraordinary perfumes and pronounced tannins render it suitable for long ageing.
1876  GOOD  
A tremendously structured wine with firm tannins that initially seem very hard. Extremely intense and persistent perfumes.
An abundant harvest of healthy, mature grapes produced wines with excellent structure, soft tannins and good acidity. Excellent prospects for a long period of maturation.
1885 GOOD  
A very sturdy, pleasant and inviting wine, even if a bit light in body and structure.
1886 GREAT
Scarce harvest due to heavy hailstroms during the summer. However, the grapes that were harvested were beautiful, ripe and perfectly healthy. The wines are very robust and well-structured, making them good candidates for extended ageing.
A wine of great robustness and structure. Perfumes are very pronounced, intense and appealing. A vintage to remember.
A wine with tremendous body and character. Aromas are intense and persistent with incredible structure and equilibrium. Firm tannins, which at first come off as soft and unobtrusive, and good acidity are clear indications of its promising future.
1890 GOOD  
Though this excellently structured wine initially seemed a bit coarse and rough around the edges, over time it has developed a good equilibrium with intense and pleasing aromas. This is not, however, a wine that will benefit much from long ageing.
Extremely ripe, healthy grapes produced a wine that is well-structured and high in alcohol yet perfectly balanced. Very intense, persistent aromas. Drinking well in its youth, it also shows excellent potential for long ageing.
1895 GOOD   
Rich and well-structured, with intense and moderately long perfumes. Good balance between tannin and acidity. A wine which is both harmonious and pleasant to drink.
The grapes, which were actually very scarce due to strong spring frosts, matured perfectly during the subsequent growing season and were harvested in perfect condition. The result is a wine with tremendous structure and powerful alcohol. Very intense and persistent aromas. A perfect candidate for long ageing.
Rich and well-structured with intense, moderately long perfumes. Good balance between tannin and acidity. A wine which is both harmonious and pleasant to drink young, but capable of ageing as well.
1903 GOOD  
A wine with a big structure, initially slightly unbalanced but developing fine equilibrium as it matured.
1905 GOOD  
An imposing wine because of its impressive elegance, structure and rich sensations; generous and promising.
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