One hundred FIFTY years of Barolo

One hundred fifty years of Barolo

1955 GOOD    
Remarkable for its structure and generosity, the wine offered intense aromas with good persistence and complex, attractive flavors; notable equilibrium and harmony.
A wine with a big, full and generous structure. A wealth of intense and persistent aromas; remarkable equilibrium and harmony that contributed to a velvety sensation..
1958 GREAT    
A warm, full-bodied and well-structured wine. Intense, remarkably full aromas; a desirable touch of acidity and a substantial supply of sweet tannins combined to assure softness and eleganc
1961 GREAT    
A wine of superb class characterized by a substantial structure and aromas of great depth and breadth. Sweet tannins and moderate acidity yielded a full and harmonious wine of exceptional elegance.
1964 GREAT    
A majestic wine because of its structure and complexity. Noble aromas that were full and persistent, forward tannins that were assertive but, in combination with all other elements, they assured an unusually long life.
A wine with outstanding structure and body, a pleasant and intense aroma, tannins, tending toward sweet, that were evident but of good quality and pronounced sapidity, characteristics that promised a brilliant future.
1968 GOOD   
A wine with little structure but endowed with appealing and intense aromas. Rich flavor sensations tending toward seductive softness.
1970 GREAT    
A wine blessed with a magnificent structure, generous and richly endowed. Its strength was such that it could accept a substantial content of tannins and acids that, supported by the warmth of the alcohol, assured remarkable sensations of equilibrium and harmony.
In addition to its attributes of fine breeding, imposing structure and rich personality, which were also found in the 1990 Barolo, this wine offered an impressive wealth of aromatic sensations and a flavor that was exceptionally well-balanced and notably elegant.
A wine of good breeding with a rich body and tannins and acids that were forward but well balanced. A full, intense aroma that was extremely pleasant, inviting and persistent; flavor sensations marked by an austere elegance.
1975 GOOD
A rich, well-structured wine with intense and relatively persistent odors, a good balance between tannins and acids; a harmonious, drinkable wine.
1978 GREAT    
A well-structured wine, with a rich and vigorous body. Intense aromas of outstanding fullness and persistence; excellent equilibrium and harmony among all elements. The tannins were forward but tending toward the sweet. A modulated, elegant wine.
This rich and complex wine showed fine breeding. Elegant, extremely intense and well-modulated aromas; substantial tannins and acids that assured an austere and balanced wine.
1980 EXCELLENT    
A robust, well-structured wine. Full and encompassing aromas; outstanding balance and an exhilarating, unusually harmonious finish.
A rich wine with a big and complex structure. Noble aromas that were full and persistent in perfect harmony with complex, velvety and elegant flavors. Undoubtedly a vintage of outstanding longevity.
1984 GOOD   
A complex wine although lacking in structure. Delicate but intriguing and persistent aromas; outstanding flavor sensations but somewhat hard due to excessive tannins and acidity. Apparently disharmonious but promising. Weak production caused by a late frost.
1985 GREAT     
A wine with an extraordinary structure and complexity. A wealth o elegant and enveloping aromas. Sweet tannins and balanced acidity combined in flavors that were soft and elegant.
1986 GOOD  
This wine had a big structure and outstanding complexity but yield was reduced because of a fierce hailstorm in the spring. Complex and forthright aromas; imposing but evolved tannins with a flavor in perfect balance with the big body.
A well-structured wine with remarkable richness of components. Intense, full and pronounced aromas and a full, perfectly balanced flavor despite extremely forward tannins and acids. A promising wine with the certainty of a long life.
1989 GREAT     
An impressive wine because of its big and generous structure. Extremely intense and remarkably full and persistent aromas of pronounced sapidity. Holding great promise for the future.
Because of its extraordinary attributes, the wine displayed a majestic opulence. Aromas of an enormous range of full and elegant sensations. The flavor showed great harmony and balance against a remarkably velvety background.
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